Rent-a-car in Cuba

If you want to achieve an amazing journey in Latin America, you should plan it earlier. There are many important details that you should check and clarify. Plane tickets and a hotel are the basic ones, but if you really want to feel the Cuban spirit, you should get to know the Cubans and their culture.

It is easier for you to book flights and a hotel and spend a week in anyone of the great Cuban resorts. In this way you will miss the most exciting part of visiting Cuba- meet its people and culture. So, don’t hesitate, rent a car and let’s your journey begin.

By using rent-a-car services, Rent-a-car in Cubayou can do an extraordinary tour within the country. You can visit Havana and its surroundings and other towns such as Matanzas, Guanajay, Marianao, Villa Clara, etc. You should bear in mind that the rent-a-car offers in Cuba are limited. Check the opportunities in advance and learn what you can expect. You should know that it is banned for the Cubans to take you in their car, so having personal mean of transportation and relevant documents is the best way to enjoy your vacation in Cuba without additional problems. Using rent-a-car services means additional costs, but it worth it.

As we all know cars in Cuba are old-fashioned. Local people don’t have a right to own a modern car. However, car, they will offer you, are diverse and the most important- they are up-to-date. So, you should be patient because your car will be secure.

There is another way to travel in Cuba- by using Viazul Bus. This opportunity is cheaper than rent-a-car services. May be it is not so comfortable, but it is a good option for you as well. The Viazul bus stops every 1.5- 2 hours and its passengers can relax.

If you really want to spend amazing time in one of the amazing countries globally, you should take a risk and rent a car. The experience will be unique. Make a broad research and take advantage of the great opportunity to travel individually throughout the beautiful nature of Cuba.

Here are some tips about rent-a-car in Cuba